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Magnetic refrigerator door gasket

magnetic door fridge gasketWe have over 300 kinds of profiles for magnetic door gasket. With the performance such as high-temperature and low-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant and removal-resistant, they are widely used in electric refrigerator, disinfector, distillatory and cabinet. And they can be used as car sealing gasket and other soft gasket.

The sealing function of the refrigerator door gasket is the key to the refrigerator energy saving efficiency and determines the life of the refrigerator air-compressor to a great extent. Our R&D team has the capabilities to adjust the gasket properties through formula change and modify the cross section design through FEA analysis of contact shape deform, press recovery, etc. to ensure maxim sealing function. Our accumulated technology and know-how in this special field can add great value to the refrigerator makers.

The gaskets made of soft PVC granule can also have a wide application in the wood industry, architecture and metal industry as elements for sealing doors and windows.

Flexible PVC with magnetic strip inserts provide energy-efficient seals without the use of door latches. These gaskets are NSF approved. Standard colors include light gray, black and white. PVC temperature range is -20°F brittle point to +150°F melt point.

Features of Magnetic refrigerator door gasket

  1. stable performance
  2. demagnetization-resistant
  3. low-temperature and high-temperature resistant
  4. corruption-resistant and aging-resistant.
magnetic door gasket magnetic fridge door gasket

Drawing of Magnetic refrigerator door gasket

Technical requirements to PVC compound used for refrigerating appliances


- ness

Stretch Strength

Crack Elongation rate

Plastiser Migration

Cold and Heat-resistant





Low-temperature door gasket 70±3
≥8.6MPa ≥250% ≤0.3% -20℃-70℃ Less Than Grade Slippy and
No Burr
≥70N Door Gasket
for Refrigeration
and water fountain
High-temperature door gasket 70-85
≥10MPa ≥200%  


  Slippy and
No Burr
≥70N Door Gasket
and Cabinet


Technical requirements to PVC compound used for refrigerating appliances


Unit of measurement


Specific gravity




Breaking strength, not less



Elongation, not less



Shore A hardness, (3+1) s

Standard unit


Plasticizer migration at polystyrene within 7 days at temperature 70°С



Brittle temperature, not more



Light fastness to UV, IR radiation within 50 hours.


Insignificant color changes without losses of plasticizer

Possibility of welding


Welding is




RAL9003 or bluish white


Absence of heavy metals (lead, barium, cadmium)




We will fabricate complete three-or four-sided magnetic gasket assemblies to the exact dimensions of your door. Corners of assemblies are mitered and heat sealed with precision splicing fixtures for air-tight fit. Back-up magnets are available for non-magnetic door frames. Mounting hole slots can be punched in screw-on gaskets. Screw-on and glue-on gaskets are typically measured to the outside dimensions of the gasket. Snap-on gaskets are measured to the center line/arrowhead of the gasket.

Our die shop will produce a custom die for your particular needs and our engineers will help you in designing your magnetic gasket . We can extrude flexible, semi-rigid, rigid and dual durometer profiles in PVC. Fax us a sketch for quick response.

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