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Dexing Magnet

dexing magnet

Steam Bathroom magnetic door gasket

For over 10 years, we have been supplying of the industry with a comprehensive range of quality sealing materials for a wide range of specialised applications.

We specialise in producing customized parts to your requirements, including plastic seal and gasket, rubber seal and gasket,magnetic door gasket, magnetic strips, etc.

Bathroom magnetic door gasket magnetic door gasket magnetic door seal catalog

All the below materials can be produced to any size or shape from your drawings and specifications.

Plastic Seal and Gasket
Plastic Seal and gasket
Rubber Seal and Gasket
Rubber Seal and Gasket
Magnetic Door Gaskets
Magnetic Door Gaskets
Magnetic strips
Magnetic strips
  • Conventional S and N pole or multipole
  • Magnetic pull up to 3.5 pounds/foot
  • Custom sizes and
  • Products Images: Magnetic strips 1


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