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Dexing Magnet

dexing magnet

绿磁铁 Green magnet

为什么我们叫绿磁铁 Why we name GREEN Magnet
  1. 100%循环使用


  1. 100% Recycle

GREEN magnet raw material of binder includes 30% recycled material. There is Chloride free in raw meterial, so the scrapped parts during producing and second-hand products can be recycled completely. However, traditional rubber magnet has Chloride in, which is hard to recycle.

  1. 便于加工


  1. Easy to machine

GREEN magnet can be printed directly onto the printable white coating, with pvc free and paper free. GREEN magnet's width is up to 1.4m, it's wider, thinner and lighter than traditional rubber magnet. Being flexible, GREEN magnet is easy to be cut, shaped, punched.

  1. 安全应用


  1. Safe to use

In normal temperature GREEN magnet will never block on metal surface for a long period. However, traditional rubber magnet will be possible to block.

  1. 环境友好


  1. Eco-friendly

GREEN magnet is halogen free, Phthalates free and heavy metal free.











GREEN Magnet
Wight & Thckness
Standard Size
540*390mm, 590*440mm, Other Sheet Size
Front-semi-gloss white
Black-gloss black
Application For Print
Ordinary ink ( on arepaper )
UV printing ink
Please inform details to our sales for more advice.
Magnetic Property
BH (max)=0.3-0.5MGOe
Physical Properties
Working temperature: -26℃ to 80℃ (-15¨H to 176¨H)
Flexibility:At the condition of 20℃(68¨H), the meterial can be coiled to a 12.7mm(1/2")/withour cracking.
Patent of GREEN Magnet material, Patent of printable white coating on magnet




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